Overseas Chinese and Japanese by Numbers

Over a hundred million Chinese live abroad, making them a non-negligible share of online casino revenues.

Overseas Chinese and Japanese by Numbers
Overseas Chinese and Japanese

Overseas Chinese and Japanese

Chinese expatriates frequently forge deep ties with their cultural roots through engagement in traditional Chinese pursuits such as gambling, which has historically been ingrained in their culture. Far from a mere diversion, gambling serves as a communal practice and a medium through which fate and luck are explored, both of which are pivotal in Chinese tradition. Consequently, casinos become particularly captivating settings for Chinese expatriates, presenting an avenue to both indulge in well-loved pastimes and reconnect with cultural legacies.

The allure of gambling within these communities is notably influenced by the stature of games such as Pai Gow and Mahjong within Chinese familial and communal contexts, often featuring in social interactions where stakes are common. Additionally, the Chinese belief systems around ‘fortune’ and ‘luck’ play a crucial role in drawing individuals towards gambling, seen as a chance to augment their fortune.

Casinos specifically tailor their offerings to appeal to Chinese patrons, with games like Baccarat, Fan Tan, and Sic Bo taking centre stage—each game holding significant popularity within the gambling circles of the Chinese. The casino environment, charged with excitement, risk, and the lure of substantial financial gains, proves especially alluring.

This propensity for gambling transcends mere casual involvement and, in certain instances, escalates into gambling addiction. Aware of such tendencies, communities and social support networks in locales with substantial populations of Chinese expatriates proactively extend a variety of resources and initiatives aimed at tackling gambling-related challenges.






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