Concept Gaming

Concept Gaming

Concept Gaming is an innovative casino software provider known for its versatile and rich portfolio of gaming products. Founded in 2010, the company was established by veterans of the online gaming world who envisioned creating a range of tailor-made games that cater to diverse gaming tastes. The headquarters of Concept Gaming is strategically located in Cardiff, Wales, positioning it within a hub of digital innovation and regulatory compliance that enhances its ability to serve global markets effectively.

Concept Gaming specializes in developing a broad spectrum of casino games, including slots, table games, and bespoke gaming solutions. Their commitment to customization allows them to offer unique gaming experiences that are specifically designed to meet the needs of individual operators and their markets. The company employs HTML5 technology extensively, ensuring that all games are accessible on desktop and mobile platforms without compromising quality or performance.

RTP and Game Mechanics

The games designed by Concept Gaming typically feature Return to Player (RTP) percentages ranging from 94% to 96.5%. This range reflects the industry standard, providing players with a fair chance of winning while ensuring good house edge. Concept Gaming’s games are distinguished by their innovative game mechanics, which include multi-stake options, free spins, bonus rounds, and multi-layered progressive jackpots. Their slots often feature unique themes and storylines, ranging from classic fruit machines to modern adventure and fantasy settings.

Popular Games by Concept Gaming

  • Fruit Loot Reboot: A modern twist on classic fruit slots, this game includes both a standard and a bonus set of reels, with free spins, bonuses, and three types of jackpots.
  • Soccer Legends: Offering both ways win options, this slot includes a pick-and-win feature game that boosts interactivity for football fans.
  • Treasure of the Nile: This Egyptian-themed slot captivates with its expanding wilds feature and a narrative that enriches the gameplay with ancient mythology.
  • Hollywood Reels: A film-themed slot game that features a unique “Film Pick” bonus round, allowing players to select film reels for cash prizes and multipliers.

Technical Details Table

Game Type Reels Paylines RTP Max Win
Fruit Loot Reboot Slot 5 20 95.4% 1,000x Bet
Soccer Legends Slot 5 20 96.5% 500x Bet
Treasure of the Nile Slot 5 20 94.5% 250x Bet
Hollywood Reels Slot 5 20 96.0% Progressive Jackpot

Interesting Story

A notable story about Concept Gaming is the development of “Fruit Loot Reboot”. This game was created as a result of a company-wide innovation contest where teams competed to come up with a new gaming concept. The winning idea was to reimagine the classic fruit slot with modern digital enhancements and a dual-reel mechanism, which proved to be a major hit among players for its novel approach and high engagement level.

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