Felix Gaming

Felix Gaming

Felix GamingFelix Gaming is a dedicated casino software provider that has carved a niche in the online gaming market with its distinctive and engaging slot games. Established by a team of experienced gaming professionals, Felix Gaming focuses on producing games that appeal to a wide range of players, emphasizing quality over quantity.


The headquarters of Felix Gaming is strategically located in Sofia, Bulgaria. This location benefits from the city’s growing reputation as a technology hub in Eastern Europe, providing access to a rich pool of tech talent and a thriving gaming industry.

Game Mechanics and RTP

Felix Gaming is known for creating slot games with innovative features and mechanics that enhance player engagement:

  • RTP: The games generally offer an RTP ranging from 95% to 96.5%, aiming to provide players with a fair chance of winning while ensuring good returns.
  • Volatility: Depending on the game, the volatility ranges from medium to high, catering to both casual players and those looking for bigger thrills.
  • Game Features: Key features in their games include free spins, multipliers, wilds, and unique bonus games that align with the theme of each slot.

Popular Games and Mechanics

Felix Gaming’s portfolio, though not extensive, includes several popular games that stand out due to their creative themes and engaging gameplay:

  • Dark Mystic: This slot is noted for its ‘Reel Refill’ feature, where winning symbols disappear and new ones fall into place, potentially creating additional wins on a single spin.
  • Fruity Mania: A classic fruit slot that combines simplicity with a modern twist, offering scatter symbols and free spins as main features.
  • Monaco Fever: Featuring a bonus wheel that players can spin to win cash prizes or trigger one of several different free spins modes with varied multipliers.

Media Presence

Felix Gaming has occasionally been highlighted in the casino and gaming industry press for its unique approach to game development and its partnerships with major online casino platforms, enhancing its reputation as a trusted and innovative software provider.

Innovation and Workplace

Felix Gaming fosters a culture of innovation, encouraging its team to experiment with new gaming mechanics and themes. This creative freedom is evident in the distinctive features and artwork of its games.

Technical Details

Feature Details
Number of Reels Typically 5 reels
RTP Ranges from 95% to 96.5%
Max Possible Win Can exceed 5,000 times the initial bet in certain games
Key Mechanics Free spins, reel refill, multipliers, bonus wheels

Funny Anecdote

During an industry expo, Felix Gaming once set up a tropical-themed booth complete with real sand and palm trees to promote their beach-themed slot. The unexpected mess of sand getting into other booths created light-hearted banter among participants, making the event memorable for all attendees.

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