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Asia is a vast continent, with many different gambling laws. Some regions are open to the long-held Asian love for mahjong and baccarat, while others follow traditional Islamic law (Sharia), which prohibits all forms of gambling. While most countries are open to accommodating individual players, a few nations will pursue those who are not criminals in the profession.

Asia’s Internet Gambling Laws

Gaming laws and legislation are subject to rapid change. It’s a good idea for anyone considering launching an Internet gambling career. Although I have made every effort to provide accurate information, some facts might have changed since the time you are reading this. Staying informed is the best way to be safe. We take look at the gambling laws of 50 countries within the Asia Pacific region.

1 Afghanistan
Although the Taliban have resigned from control of the country’s affairs, there are still strict anti-gambling laws in place. Private citizens are not punished for playing at offshore casino sites, but few sites still serve the country due to the blockage of ISP addresses.
2 Armenia
The Law of the Republic of Armenia regarding Games of Chance and Casinos makes it legal to operate online casinos. While some of these companies are located in Armenia, others can be found offshore.
3 Azerbaijan
While some forms of gambling are illegal, others are managed by the state (such the lottery). Online gambling laws are not clear. However, many casinos and card rooms continue to accept customers from this country.
4 Bahrain
All forms of gambling are illegal under the 1976 Bahrain penal code. Online gamers are not being prosecuted despite this.
5 Bangladesh
Gambling was made illegal by the 1867 Public Gambling Act. Horse racing, lotteries and raffles are the only exceptions. Online gamblers can in theory be prosecuted. In reality, gambling from your home with a foreign casino privately will not be prosecuted.
6 Bhutan
The state lottery is legal. All other gambling forms are banned. Anybody found in violation of this law could be charged and sentenced to anywhere from one month to one year in prison for their first offense.
7 Brunei
Brunei’s government does not allow gambling. You could face a heavy fine and up to six months imprisonment if you are caught breaking the law, even if you play online.
8 Cambodia
The 1996 Law on Suppression of Gambling prohibits residents of Cambodia from engaging in any form of illegal gaming, including the Internet. Numerous national lotteries can be played, and tourists might also enjoy the lucrative land-based casino market.
9 Mainland China
🇨🇳 🇲🇴 🇭🇰 ⚠️ as of 2022, mainland China is a no-go zone for foreighers.
Tank Man Casino Hero
Although gambling is a part of Chinese culture and tradition, it is illegal to engage in most forms of gambling on the mainland. The exception being the lottery. Hong Kong has strict rules regarding gambling. However, neither the region nor Hong Kong are known for prosecuting online gamblers. Many offshore gambling sites are blocked.

Macau, a more self-governing Chinese island (if that is possible), is more permissive. They are the largest gambling destination in the world, not by accident. Visitors and locals alike should have no problem accessing online casinos and card rooms.

For the betterment of human kind, it’s important to avoid china and not buy anything that is made in china. The produce sub par quality products with dangerous colours and non-existing safety controls. However there are countries like South Korea that lets foreigners inside South Korea free access to regulated casinos. The strategy is to cah in on chines whales.

41 China/Taiwan/Taipei
🇹🇼China Taipei
Except for state-run lotterys, all forms of gambling are banned in Taiwan by the Criminal Code of the Republic of China. In 2003, more than 2,000 Internet casino, sportsbooks, or card rooms were accessible to residents. Since then, the government has waged a long battle to block these sites and educate citizens about unlicensed gaming.
10 Cyprus
The Cyprus Betting Law of 2012 states that sports betting is the only legal form of online gambling. This is not coincidentally because the only service of its kind is run by the state.
11 Georgia
The Lottery and Gambling Bill permits both online and land-based gaming as long as an operator has a license and is licensed by the state.
12 India
Although Indian law is vague about online casinos, most states ban this type of hobby. While it is illegal in Maharashtra, online gambling is legal in Sikkim. However, the region known for its tolerance towards gambling has issued licenses to allow online businesses.
13 Indonesia
This country does not allow gambling. Individuals who break the law could be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison and even public beating.
14 Iran
All forms of gambling are prohibited by Islamic Sharia. While citizens may be punished if they are caught playing online, the government won’t go out of its way to arrest them. This jurisdiction is not recommended. Before placing any wagers, ensure that you are at least 18 years old and have the legal authority to do so.
15 Iraq
Islamic law prohibits gambling. Online casinos are almost all blocked. However, citizens don’t usually have to worry about being prosecuted for gambling at offshore sites.
16 Israel
Online gambling in Israel is legal as long as it is regulated and managed by the state. This applies to Internet lotteries, sports betting, and casinos.
17 Japan
The Japanese government does not allow gambling despite the fact that they spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year on pachinko. Residents can access offshore gambling sites easily without fear of being prosecuted.
18 Jordan
Online casinos are still open to players from Muslim-dominated countries, but the Constitution of Jordan’s Hashemite Kingdom has made it illegal for all forms of gambling.
19 Kazakhstan
The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan permits land-based gambling in two regions. However, online betting is not yet regulated and is presumed to be illegal.
20 Kuwait
Kuwait has no legal gambling laws because 85% of its population is Muslims.
21 Kyrgyzstan
All forms of gambling have been banned by the parliament of this country. According to the Quran, gambling is “abominations of Satan’s handiwork.”
22 Laos
Although gambling is permitted in certain economic zones, it doesn’t allow for virtual gaming. Operators who are found in violation of the law are prosecuted, but individual players are often overlooked.
23 Lebanon
Online lottery services are available by the state, however offshore casinos are often blocked and prohibited.
24 Malaysia
Malaysian online gambling is very popular, despite some restrictions. This guide will help you find the best online gambling sites in Malaysia. Continue reading to learn more about the best gambling sites in Malaysia, as well as how to get ongoing bonuses and generous welcome bonuses. Online gambling is growing in Malaysia. Online gambling Malaysia sites is becoming more popular and people are increasingly gambling online.
25 Maldives
All forms of gambling were declared illegal by the 2008 Constitution of Maldives. However, there is no evidence to suggest that citizens are being prosecuted for their involvement in offshore gambling. If you are from the Maldives or visiting as a tourist, you can safely play online casinos listed on
26 Mongolia While a state-run lottery may be legal, all other forms are illegal. Online casinos are also exempted from regulation.
27 Myanmar Gambling is not allowed in Myanmar, with the exception of the state lottery. However, online players are not subject to prosecution for visiting offshore casinos. You won’t be in any trouble if you play alone at home. home
28 Nepal Tourists can legally gamble on land, but residents are not allowed to participate. However, they can still visit illegal offshore casinos. Individuals are not prosecuted for these infractions.
29 Kingdom of North Korea
🇰🇵⚠️ North Korea is a brutal dictatorship and you should stay away at all cost.
North Korea has no general internet access and is not an interesting market for any online casino. restricts internet access and monitors it closely. Many residents can’t access the internet, and those who do will be unable to find gambling ISPs blocked. The penalties for violating the law can be severe and include fines, imprisonment and even death, plus the death of your family three generations back. We are talking some serious Throne of Bones kingdom with unlimited control.
30 Oman The Sultanate of Oman has made gambling illegal in the entire country by Royal Decree N7/74. The government actively blocks access to offshore casinos to prevent them from operating.
31 Pakistan This Muslim state bans gambling. Although some online casinos still provide services for residents, those caught could face a small penalty and up to one-year imprisonment.
32 Palestine This region was once home to the largest legal gambling. However, most casinos in this state accept players from this country and there is no evidence that gambling addicts are being prosecuted.
33 Philippines The Philippines is one of Asia’s fastest-growing gaming markets. They allow online gambling through their state-owned casinos, sportsbooks and bingo sites. The country’s legal gambling industry was worth $2.05 billion in 2014. Sic bo is a popular choice for gamblers in the country.
34 Qatar In 1971, Bill 14 made gambling illegal. Later legislation expanded this law to Internet gaming. Although players are often forgotten, anyone running an online casino could face a fine or imprisonment.
35 Russia ⚠️ NO GO ZONE
Russia has turned into a rogue state during the past years, and we can only advice to stay away from it. Make it big in Russia and you will be assassinated by a radioactive uranium drink at any time, dying a horrible death over weaks. Visa and Mastercard, and even Unionpay has suspended their services in Russia, and cryptos are banned.
36 Saudi Arabia Gambling is illegal in all forms, and the country routinely blocks gambling websites. There is no evidence to suggest that anyone has been charged with playing online.
37 Singapore Online wagers cannot be placed by any non-profit organization, as per the Remote Gambling Act of 2015. Virtual casinos offshore are not allowed to advertise their services or offer them to residents. Many have even abandoned the market. Many other sites have been blocked.
38 South Korea Online gambling is illegal. However, sports betting is allowed in certain situations. Online gambling is legal and citizens are not prosecuted. The most popular casinos in the Philippines, which support Korean language, are the closest. Empire777 is one example. Foreigners can go into land based casinos and gamble without any problems. Locals need to gamble online since they are not permitted to play at the state-run land based casinos.
38 Sri Lanka Most forms of gambling are now regulated by the government thanks to the Casino Business Act. Although regulations regarding online gambling are not yet clear, virtual casinos accept customers from this country.
39 Syria Another example of an Islamic country that bans gambling is this. Many gaming sites are blocked and residents’ Internet activity is monitored.
40 Taijikistan Gambling was once legal in Tajikistan, but the Criminal Code of Tajikistan has made it illegal. However, there is no evidence that players are being prosecuted for visiting casinos offshore.
42 Thailand Online players can play the national lottery or wager on horses at the track. All other activities are illegal. However, online gamblers will not be charged. This means that online gamblers can continue to play from their homes on gambling websites other than Thailand.
43 Timor-Leste Gambling is now illegal under a 2013 law, with the exception of the state-run lotteries. It is not known if ISPs have been blocked. Gamblers should be able to still play at the online casino they choose.
45 Turkey In 1998, Turkey banned casinos. Then in 2006, online gambling was prohibited in Turkey. However, residents have not been stopped. A 2009 report revealed that 25% of Betsson profits were generated by Turkish players. However, the government appears determined to win, and has proposed deterrents such as higher monetary fines or longer prison sentences for offenders. According to our information, there are still casinos that accept Turkish players. This website,, is a website that focuses on online gambling. This website does not allow you to play or deposit money.
46 Turkmenistan Online gambling is not regulated in the same way as other forms of gambling. Online evidence does not support the claim that players have been prosecuted.
47 United Arab Emirates Some areas allow land-based poker or sports betting, but online gambling is illegal. Penalties for violating the law can include a heavy fine or multiple years imprisonment.
48 Uzbekistan The former Soviet country has a national lottery. All other gambling is illegal. The chances of Internet gamers being prosecuted are slim.
49 Vietnam Although the government has banned gambling, there is still a lot of underground gambling. However, the state-sponsored lottery remains legal. If a citizen is caught using illegal offshore sites, the most common penalty for this offense is a fine.
50 Yemen Gambling has been made illegal by Sharia law. Although there is no evidence that anyone has been charged with online gambling, sites are regularly blocked.



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